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ZYMESTOL (Fast Activation Enzyme Drain Cleaner)

ZYMESTOL (Fast Activation Enzyme Drain Cleaner)
Product Code : DC8005
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(Fast Activation Enzyme Drain Unblocker) 


Safe Effective Drain Unblocker 

Septic Tanks - Kitchens - Drains


Zymestol is a totally new breakthrough in biotechnology designed to solve the problems caused by grease in drainage systems fast. Unlike most enzyme drain treatments which are used mainly as a biological method of preventing future grease and fat build up, Zymestol will actually clear existing blockages due to the inclusion of pure enzymes in the formulation.


Drain Unblocker

 Zymestol is a liquid product which contains a blend of totally safe micro-organisms which have been specially selected for their ability to efficiently degrade grease. They are also efficient in degrading other food waste materials. These bacteria produce a range of enzymes which degrade grease, starch, protein and plant fibres (cellulose). The formulation also contains a quantitiy of pure enzymes which instantly activate the process of degradation.
The key to the breakdown of grease and other compounds which are not water soluble is the production of biological surfactants or bio surfactants. Bio surfactants help to emulsify the grease so that it can be degraded more efficiently. The bacteria in Zymestol have been chosen for their ability to produce bio surfactants.
Highly effective treatment for degrading starch, fats, proteins, etc;  in septic tanks.




Blocked Drains

Bad Smells

Slow Running Sinks

Grease Trap Pumping







Free Flowing Drains

Elimination of Bad Odours

Increased Hygiene

Reduced BOD & COD Levels

Reduced Grease Trap Maintenance

Safe for Humans & Environment

Reduced Drain Maintenance Costs

(Also Highly Recommended For Automatic Dosing Systems)




Zymestol is a liquid product which has been specially formulated so that it can be dosed into the drains either manually or automatically. The ideal time for dosing is approximately 1 to 2 hours after kitchen closedown so that the bacteria have an opportunity to degrade the grease under the most favourable conditions. During the hours of kitchen operation conditions in the drain and grease traps are hostile to biological action due to the high temperatures, sanitisers, high pH, detergents, etc. It is important that the biological population be maintained and consequently once the blockage is removed and the drain is once again free flowing we recommend a regular maintenance routine using our product "Drain-Zyme". Using Drain-Zyme will then help tp prevent future blockages and problematic fat/grease build up. The microbial strains in Zymestol are all naturally occuring and have been classified as being harmless to humans and animals.








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Alan Roscoe-Scotland-5 Stars

Did a great job dealing with grease build up from our kitchens.

Drain was slow running but installed a dosing pump and this seems to be doing the trick. Thanks