Urine Odour Removers & Biological Products

We are manufacturers of speciality enzyme cleaners for completely removing urine odours and stains on a variety of surfaces. Our concentrated enzymes and biologicals are the 21st century answer to the problems of both pet and human urine odours and stains in carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces.
These together with our highly effective enzyme carpet cleaning concentrate Enzymat-D form the basis of this group of speciality enzyme cleaning products. Bio-K20 is our pet urine odour and stain remover and Bio-Digest is our equivalent product for dealing with human urine odours and stains. These products are the strongest available within the UK marketplace and we supply them to a mulitude of industries including kennels, vets, residential nursing homes, hospitals and hotels. We also have Bio-K20 (AG) which is our artificial grass compatible version of Bio-K20 designed specifically for dealing with dog and cat urine odours on artificial grass surfaces. All of these items are used by industry and commerce but we also now supply each of these products directly to the public via our online shopping website.
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