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Heavy Duty Toilet Cleaner & Descaler


Toilet Limescale Remover

Tolex is a strong hydrochloric acid based toilet descaler and cleaner containing special additives to aid penetration. Tolex contains 15% hydrochloric acid which is more than double the strength of most alternative toilet descalers.

Tolex is basically a 4 in 1 product:

1. It cleans and kills harmful bacteria in the toilet and urinal.

2. It removes unsightly stains from the toilet bowl surfaces or urinals.

3. It kills odours and leaves a very pleasant perfume in the toilet area.

4. It removes limescale and uric acid deposits which helps to prevent blockages.

This product is pleasantly perfumed, inhibited to minimise metal attack and rapidly removes uric acid, toilet limescale and phosphate deposits which form unsightly accumulations in and around toilets, urinals and other sanitory fittings. Heavy build up of scale on internal surfaces of toilet pipes results in slow running drains and ultimately blockages and backflow which causes unpleasant smells and odours. Due to the high strength of Tolex it is ideal for dealing with this type of scale build up and related blockage problems. This is a highly effective toilet cleaner containing a blend of acids and surfactants designed to deep clean and descale toilet areas and to maintain a fresh clean appearance.

Tolex can also be mopped onto any surrounding hard tiled flooring to clean and descale the tiled surfaces and remove urine smells.

To remove bad urine smells from alternative flooring such as vinyl, wood, carpets or grouting you need our excellent enzyme product Bio-Digest.

Click BIO-DIGEST for removing urine smells in toilet areas



Tolex is also the ideal solution for cleaning showers, saunas and swimming pool surrounds. Perfect for tiles and badly stained urinals, surrounds and tiled floors. Frequently used in pubs and hotels and particularly effective when used on old and badly stained urinals. Tolex will also clean the tiled floors in toilet areas and urinal surrounds leaving the whole area smelling clean and fresh.


 Effective - instant results

 Easily removes built up deposits

 Safe on most plastics, glass and rubber

 Pleasantly Perfumed

 Effective in hard and soft waters




For toilet bowls add 2fl. ounces to water in bowl, agitate with brush and simply flush away unsightly deposits. Use neat as supplied for purge treatment of badly stained and soiled urinals, tiled surrounds and floors. Tolex is perfect for removing the heavy crusted brown deposits on old and poorly maintained toilets and urinals. Simply pour or spray directly onto the badly stained areas, leave to penetrate then use a stiff brush to easily remove the unsightly deposits. For regular maintenance dilute up to 5 : 1 with water. Highly economical in use.

N.B. Avoid any prolonged contact with chromium fittings and wash off thoroughly.



Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin. Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. In case of accident or if you feel unwell seek medical advice immediately.


Tolex is a strong acid descaler and although safe to use, as with most strong chemicals Tolex requires caution when using, handling and storing.

(If you require a toilet descaler suitable for stainless steel please see our alternative products based on Phosphoric Acid rather than Hydrochloric Acid)

As a responsible business we try to always give our customers accurate information and the safety of our customers is always given the highest priority.

We recommend when using this product that the user should use the correct equipment and wear the appropriate protective clothing and we are pleased to advise that the items shown below are suitable for this task. 



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