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TMC 33 (Perfumed Barrier Cream)

TMC 33 (Perfumed Barrier Cream)
Product Code : HC1751
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TMC 33





TMC33 is a very high quality, smooth white, perfumed lotion which protects the skin against wet or dry contaminants. TMC33 protects in three ways, by providing a barrier against a wide range of harmful substances, by reducing the effects of abrasion and by re-fatting and nourishing the skin.

TMC33 is essential in protecting and maintaining healthy skin in all working environments.




Proven effectiveness in wet and dry conditions

Pleasant , non greasy formulation

Universal application

Free from china clay and similar fillers

Suitable for skin protection on any part of the body

Very easily absorbed into the skin




TMC33 gives protection against virtually all common contaminants including: Oils, Greases, Solvents, Paints, Inks, Dusts, Tars, Petroleum Products, Chemicals, etc.

This formulation also contains specialist skin moisturisers which are very effective in combating the common problems of de-fating and dry skin.





Massage just a few grams of TMC33 into hands and wrists prior to commencement of work. The pleasantly perfumed lotion quickly absorbs into the skin providing the user with instant protection against contaminants. 

Extremely Economical: 






TMC33 is a superior quality product which we currently supply regularly to numerous manufacturing companies, engineers, builders, vehicle maintenance depots and transport organisations.



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Angie-Sheffield-5 Stars

BIO K 20 is brilliant and really works! I have had cats for years, now and again they have accidents or spray when upset. As any cat owner knows, if one cat sprays or wee's, the others sniff the spot and decide they will do the same. I have tried many products, some from big pet stores, some from the internet but, they never seemed to completely take away the smell. My cats would always stop and sniff, if the smell is still there, they will spray. With cats, smell is communication and they react accordingly. I came across Taylor McClure and rang them, spoke to Karen who was very helpful. I bought the product and IT DOES WORK. It may take one or two applications, but if you watch where your cat is sniffing and spray the area again, success! I would highly recommend this product, it worked for me and without an awful "after smell" that a lot of products have. Always good value for money when it works, and it does.