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SUPERCLEAN (Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser)

SUPERCLEAN  (Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser)
Product Code : SC0500
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Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser


The Strongest And Best Cleaner And Degreaser
Chosen By Professionals Because It Works!


Superclean is one of the most powerful and effective hard surface cleaners and degreasers available. It is supplied as an industrial quality concentrate which can be diluted with water to the required strength, making it extremely versatile and economical to use.


Superclean is a high performance product and will remove the most stubborn deposits of oils, greases, fats, dirt, grime and most other industrial contaminants from hard surfaces.
This product has been formulated to the highest standards to specifically deal with the heaviest contamination on the widest range of surfaces.


If you are looking for a safe but strong cleaning and degreasing product capable of removing oils, grease, fats, nicotine and most common forms of dirt and grime from hard surfaces then Superclean is the best choice.


Typical applications include cleaning metals and plastic fittings from kitchen areas where heavy grease deposits are a problem for other products. Superclean is perfect for deep cleaning paintwork and floors and is also ideal for most bathroom surfaces such as tiles, shower trays and UPVC. Stronger concentrations can be used for thoroughly degreasing machines, engines and parts.
Most cleaning problems can be solved and surfaces made spotless and grease free effortlessly by using Superclean and many of our industrial and commercial customers use it in different departments as the ideal multi purpose hard surface cleaner.







For most cleaning projects Superclean should be diluted with water before use.

Suggested dilution rates:
Heavy Soiling - Dilute Up To 5 : 1
Medium Soiling - Dilute Up To 15 : 1
Light Soiling - Dilute Up To 30 : 1

Superclean can be applied by spray, mopping, wiping or by dipping into solution.


(For professional / commercial / industrial use).

Superclean is an industrial strength product and although safe to use, as with most strong chemicals Superclean requires caution when using, handling and storing.


As a responsible business we try to always give our customers accurate information and the safety of our customers is always given the highest priority.

We recommend when applying this product using the correct equipment and we are pleased to advise that the items shown below are suitable for this task. 


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