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Industrial Strength Heavy Duty Shower Cleaner



Showerclean HD is a superb shower cleaning product that has been specially formulated by our chemists to remove the most stubborn dirt and grime from showers and shower areas. It will remove body fats and ground in dirt and grime effortlessly from tiles and shower trays. Showerclean HD is a heavy-duty product that leaves all tiled areas, shower cabinets and shower trays completely clean and gleaming with all traces of oils, greases, body fats and general dirt and grime completely banished. Strong enough to clean even badly stained shower trays and capable of removing tough ground in dirt and grime.

This is a great product for all those really difficult cleaning tasks in bathrooms and shower areas and because the product is highly concentrated it can be diluted to different strengths with water to suit the different applications and cleaning tasks.

Use Showerclean HD the best product for a spotlessly clean shower.


 Shower cleaning is not an easy job and it requires the best shower cleaning products to complete the task quickly and efficiently. Some shower cleaners are simply not powerful enough to break down the body fats and greases that accumulate on shower surfaces which makes them totally unsuitable for heavy duty shower cleaning. This is where Showerclean HD is ideal because the unique blend of strong cleaning surfactants contained in this formulation effectively lift the dirt and greases from the shower surfaces so they can be washed away leaving behind a clean and hygienic shower. This is a heavy-duty product supplied in a concentrated form which can be used from neat concentration for particularly difficult tasks right up to a 60:1 dilution for all regular cleaning and maintenance.

This is the shower cleaner used widely by professional cleaners and commercial cleaning companies throughout the industry.


Although Showerclean HD is a very heavy duty product it is also extremely versatile and can be used to remove waxes, polish, body fats, general dirt and grime. The perfect answer for anywhere needing that extra heavy duty cleaning, making Showerclean HD the best, most effective and most economical product available.


Dilutes up to 60 : 1 with water


Effective at high dilutions 
Easily and effectively removes body fats, dirt, grease and grime.
Effective in both hard and soft waters


How to use: 

This product is very strong and is used by hospitals, leisure centres and sports facilities for the heavy duty cleaning and degreasing of surfaces which are badly contaminated with ingrained dirt, grease and grime which other cleaners simply will not touch. Always wear gloves and protective eyewear when using this product. For shower cleaning use from neat concentration for heavily contaminated surfaces to 60 : 1 dilution with water for less severe applications. Simply spray or pour onto the surface and use a sponge or damp cloth working in a circular motion to quickly remove all body fats and greases. Rinse out the sponge or cloth regularly to remove contamination. Do not allow product to dry on surfaces, always rinse off completely with plenty of water particularly on glass and clear plastic.
Our 1.8 litre sprayer shown at the bottom of this page is ideal for use as a shower cleaning spray.

Showerclean HD the perfect solution to difficult cleaning jobs in bathrooms and washroom areas.


Handy Tip

Are you always finding the shower plug hole clogged and blocked with matted hair. Drain Magic is the perfect solution. Simply pour a small amount of the drain cleaning crystals directly into the drain and within seconds it will dissolve all of the hair and grease leaving the drain to run freely once again.

Click here for more information about Drain Magic


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SHOWERCLEAN HD (Heavy Duty Shower Cleaner)

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