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RENEW (Alloy Wheel Cleaner)

Product Code : VV3005
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Renew is a powerful and effective alloy wheel cleaner based on a blend of phosphoric acid and powerful surface active ingredients that penetrate and dissolve oil, oxides, road film, accumulated brake dust and diesel smoke stains from aluminium road wheels.


Renew is one of the strongest alloy wheel cleaners on the market containing 23% Phosphoric Acid and will clean and remove many heavy contaminants that other weaker products leave behind.


Renew can be used on most modern alloy wheels removing the normal heavy contaminants associated with today's driving conditions such as ground in brake dust, oxides, fuel stains, etc.




Pre-wet dry surfaces with water. Apply "Renew Alloy Wheel Cleaner" by mop or sponge or brush onto the surfaces. Agitate any badly stained areas with a brush, then hose off with water.



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