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(Algae Remover)

(Algae Remover For Patios, Driveways & Hard Surfaces)

Q-Clear® is a powerful and fast acting biocidal product used for quickly killing and removing algae, mildew, lichens, moulds and fungi from all external hard surfaces. It is perfect for clearing all types of algae, lichens and green slimy moulds and other commonly associated growths from tarmac, block paving, driveways, paths and patios. Q-Clear® is also safe to use on all types of resin paths and driveways. If you have green slimy biological growths of any kind on your pathways, driveways, patios or other hard surfaces then Q-Clear® is the best product for dealing with it. Just take a look at our reviews to see what our customers think of Q-Clear®

The product is supplied as a highly concentrated liquid and can be easily diluted with water making it extremely economical to use. Q-Clear
® is formulated on Benzalkonium Chloride a biodegradable Quaternary Ammonium Compound, it is a very effective, high quality speciality product.

It does not require any scrubbing or scraping, the product is simply applied by watering can or sprayer directly onto the surface being treated. Normally within a few days the contaminants will show the first signs of the biocide working, such as changing in colour and this will progress rapidly to kill off all of the unsightly growth.

Perfect for cleaning patios, driveways, tarmac, block paving, roofs, pavers, brickwork, paths, tennis courts, playgrounds, decking & fences. This product is also ideal for use on all types of artificial grass and we supply many organisations throughout the UK with this effective solution for treatment of algae and other green organic growths found on artificial grass surfaces.

Q-Clear® is one of the most popular choices of algaecide used by tennis courts and sports organisations. We currently supply many of the top sporting venues with Q-Clear® for maintaining courts, paths, walkways, drives and most other hard surfaces. We are also a major supplier to home owners with tennis courts and to most of the top tennis court maintenance companies throughout the UK. Organic growths on pathways and walkways can be a significant safety hazard and Q-Clear® is the ideal solution to the problem.

This product contains high strength Benzalkonium Chloride which the
Royal Horticultural Society advises as being particularly effective for treating and controlling algae, nostoc, lichen and other common biological growths on all hard surfaces.


Q-Clear® is a brilliant product if you are trying to get rid of green slimy mould or any species of biological growth from your patio or driveway but if the problem is ground in dirt and grime and you want to not only deep clean the area but also to bring it up looking like new then you need a different product.

You need our “Patio Marvel” which is a deep cleaning heavy duty acidic cleaner for renovating hard surfaces.

Click here for more information about “Patio Marvel”




Algae & Lichen Problems On Roofs & Pathways

It is also particularly effective in controlling algae and lichens on roofs which can be the cause of damp and many associated problems in homes and other properties. We
have many customers in the building and property maintenance sector who regularly use Q-Clear
® and comment that it is the strongest and most effective product available for removing all of the common algae and algae like growths.
Q-Clear® is an extremely powerful algaecide but is also safe to use, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Treated areas are safe for children, pets and animals once dried. No scrubbing or brushing required simply spray or pour onto the surface to be treated.

When algae and most other types of biological growths form on hard surfaces many people see it as just an unattractive or unsightly mess, however it is much more than that. Depending on where it is growing it can also be a considerable safety hazard, particularly when covering pathways and walkways. It can produce extremely slippery surfaces which are a real danger especially when wet. It is not unusual to hear of people having falls and sustaining serious injuries as a result of walking on surfaces covered with green slimy moulds, algae and lichens. The problem is even worse when you consider the difficulties for the elderly and infirm. It is essential to ensure that to avoid any unnecessary accidents all driveways, patios and pathways are treated with Q-Clear®.

Is Q-Clear® Safe To Use?

The answer to this question is yes, Q-Clear® is safe to use. Even though it is a strong and very effective product it is also perfectly safe to use as directed.

It doesn’t contain dangerous ingredients therefore once it has dried on the surface there is no need to restrict pets or children from the area. In fact we have had this product approved by the HSE under the COPR Regulations and we are the approved supplier for the UK.

Obviously as with any chemical we still always recommend that you should take care when using the product and follow strictly the directions on the label and pay particular regard to any safety advice given for the user.

Don't forget if you need any advice just give us a call and speak to Nichola or Karen on:
01757 709902

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Concentrated - effective at high dilutions

Easily and effortlessly removes algae, mildew, lichen, fungi

Biodegradable & environmentally friendly

Contains no acids or harmful solvents.

Rapid results - Easy to use

Other areas which are very often affected by algae and lichens are roofs, walls and other external building areas. If left untreated the contamination can penetrate through the porous surfaces causing structural damage to roofs, roofing tiles, brickwork and timber structures. The longer that it is left untreated the more vigorous the spread and the more extensive and severe the damage. Once again Q-Clear® is the perfect cost effective solution to the problem.

Black Spots On Paving & Patios

If you have a particular problem with "Black Spots" on your patio or paving, the most probable cause is black algae or black lichens which are notoriously difficult to remove. Q-Clear is effective in removing these black spots but because the spores tend to be deep down in the paving rather than on the surface it can take much longer to obtain the desired result. However we do have the perfect answer to this problem. We have a strong Black Spot Remover called "Blaspore" which we manufacture for the sole purpose of removing these troublesome and unsightly black spots.

If you would like to know more about Blaspore and black spot removal then click the following link and it will take you to the Blaspore Black Spot Remover information page. 

How To Deal With Growth On Tarmac Surfaces

Tarmac is a popular choice of surface for driveways and pathways for modern homes and commercial premises. It is relatively inexpensive and can be laid reasonably quickly and easily leaving a smart, clean appearance. It can also last for many years if maintained correctly and regularly.

Unfortunately, tarmac driveways and paths can create a particularly difficult problem when algae and lichen and other growths take a hold. The spores settle in the pitted surface and they can quickly develop into a thick green carpet across the tarmac. It is important to completely eradicate the spores as soon as possible otherwise the contamination can grow deep into the surface causing it to break and split thus allowing even greater spread of the problem. Many of the commercially available products are actually unsuitable for treating tarmac because they often contain acidic ingredients or other harsh chemicals which can damage the structure of the tarmac. Q-Clear® however is ideal for use on tarmac as it is formulated with a particularly effective but also very safe biocide "Benzalkonium Chloride". If you have a tarmac surface then don’t take risks trying other products use Q-Clear®, it’s not only safe but is also one of the most effective products available in the UK.

When To Apply Q-Clear® - Can It Be Used Throughout The Year?

Q-Clear® is a fantastic product and it can be used throughout the whole year in all seasons. You usually find that growth of any kind tends to be more prevalent in damp and often shady conditions although this is not always the case. Sometimes you will still find different species take a hold on a pathway or driveway and before long there is a steady blanket of green or yellow growth spreading rapidly and creating an unsightly problem regardless of the time of year or conditions.
We basically advise that you should apply Q-Clear
® whenever you see the first signs of growth appearing, regardless of the time of year. Try to avoid extremes of temperature so if it reaches below 1 or 2 degrees and the ground seems frozen or if it is a very hot day above 28 degrees then postpone applying until another day. Similarly try to choose a fairly dry day, obviously if you apply just before heavy rain then the product will simply be diluted further by the rain before it has had a chance to be effective. We understand that particularly here in the UK its very difficult to predict the weather but just be sensible and if the forecast is for imminent rain then choose another day. Once Q-Clear® has dried on the surface then rain is less of a problem, so really a couple of hours of dry weather is all that is required.

Tennis Court Cleaning

Q-Clear® is the ideal product for dealing with all types of algae and lichens on hard surface tennis courts. It is extremely effective and will kill off all types of growth very quickly and effectively.

The standard size tennis court is approximately 250 - 300 sq. mtrs in area. From our experience the amount required to treat this area would be 20 litres. We can supply this as a single 20 litre drum or alternatively 4 x 5 litres, whichever option is most suitable for your requirements.

If the court hasn’t been cleaned for a long time and it is badly overgrown then we recommend making the solution a little stronger than normal and apply with a watering can or pressure sprayer. Completely saturate the area making sure that the solution penetrates down to the base of the growths in order to make contact with the roots and any spores that have settled in the cracks and crevices within the surface.

For regular and routine maintenance and to prevent new growth an annual treatment with a solution of diluted Q-Clear® at the rate of 1 part product to 10 parts water should be sufficient to maintain a clean and growth free court.

We supply this product to numerous customers throughout the UK including groundsmen, gardeners, schools, universities, colleges, hospitals, sports organisations, landscape gardeners, local authorities, etc.
Many consider Q-Clear
® to be the best and most cost effective solution to algae control. 

How To Use: 

Applying Q-Clear® is very simple, just dilute with cold water. The dilution rate really depends on the severity of the growth. Normally we suggest a dilution rate of 1 : 10 which is 1 part product by up to 10 parts water. However if the growth that you need to control is particularly prevalent or rampant then you can make a stronger solution of between 6 or 8 : 1. We suggest adding the water first then the product, this helps to keep any foaming to a minimum. Apply by watering can or spray, thoroughly covering the area to be treated and allow it to dry off naturally. If you are dealing with thick or dense growth make sure that you apply sufficient product to completely saturate the area as the biocide needs to penetrate through to the roots in order to completely kill off the growths. Coverage should be around 1 litre of solution to 10 - 20 sq.mtrs. approximately. The 5 litre size bottle should therefore treat between 50 - 100 sq.mtrs. There is usually no need for scrubbing or brushing, results can be visible within 48 hours depending on conditions. Used as directed you should begin to see changes in the colour of the algae and lichens within a couple of days. This is the start of the process and the contamination will then quickly die off.

This product is one of our "Top Sellers".
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Handy Tip

Check out our sprayers at the bottom of this page. All of our sprayers are fitted with Viton seals making them ideal for applying Q Clear
Our 5.5 litre and 11 litre pressure sprayers are particularly useful when applying Q Clear
® to roofs because the product can be safely sprayed over a large roof area by the user standing on a ladder/platform/raised area. These sprayers come complete with carrying straps making them much safer and easier to handle on raised areas. 





The Royal Horticultural Society advice on using Benzalkonium Chloride for treating Algae, Lichen and Liverworts. 
RHS Advice Page  

As a responsible business we try to always give our customers accurate information and the safety of our customers is always given the highest priority.

We recommend when applying this product using the correct equipment and we are pleased to advise that the items shown below are suitable for this task. 



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