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Patio Cleaner

(Easy To Use Patio & Paving Cleaner)

Patio-Reviver is the ultimate, easy to use patio cleaner and reviver for all types of patios and paving. This product has been formulated for effortless deep cleaning without the need for scrubbing or agitating, it really is so simple to use. Patio-Reviver is a quality product with the power to complete the cleaning task quickly and effectively, leaving the surface like new but without the strenuous effort required by most alternative cleaning products. This is the ideal strong and effective solution for cleaning your patio, pathways, driveways and block paving, without any of the back breaking effort. Unlike most acidic cleaners Patio Reviver is safe to use on most surfaces including Indian Sandstone, Limestone and most natural stone.


Patio Cleaning

Most patios tend to lose their smart appearance very quickly due to several factors including general dirt and grime, algae, green and black lichen, green organic growth, atmospheric pollution, weathering, bird droppings, tree sap and simply normal usage. Much of the contamination rather than just sitting on the surface gradually works its way deep into the porous layers of the material. This makes cleaning with normal conventional type cleaners ineffective as they only clean the top surface, leaving behind much of the dirt and pollutants deep within the pores. Patio Reviver is a sodium hypochlorite based cleaner with the addition of specialized surfactants which are capable of penetrating into the porous material enabling deep cleaning which is then simply washed away.

Not suitable for tarmac surfaces.

This product will quickly deep clean most patios and driveways removing stubborn dirt, algae, and grime restoring them to their former glory.

How To Use Patio Reviver

First remove any garden furniture and other items from the area and brush away any loose material from the surface of the patio.

Shake the container to thoroughly mix the product then dilute with water at the rate of up to 1 part product to 3 parts water depending on the degree of soiling. Apply directly to the whole area being cleaned by low pressure sprayer, plastic watering can, or simply brush directly onto the stone surface. Allow between 1 & 2 hours for the product to penetrate the surface and Patio-Reviver will clean the patio cpmpletely and without any scrubbing or scraping. 

Patio-Reviver can be applied to dry or damp surfaces but avoid using immediately after heavy rain or when rain is forecast within the next few hours. 

Hose away thoroughly with clean water or for best results use a pressure washer to remove all traces of product.

Coverage will depend to a large extent on the degree of soiling and the type of surface being cleaned, but as a rough guide 5 litres of the concentrate would normally clean around 30 - 50 sq. mtrs.


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