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ODOURKILL (Concentrated Fragrance)

ODOURKILL (Concentrated Fragrance)
Product Code : OC5205
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Industrial Strength Odour Mask


Odourkill is a highly concentrated perfume fragrance blend specifically designed for use as a commercial, industrial and municipal deodorant.


Currently used in factories, hotels, hospitals, care homes, universities, schools & colleges, sports arenas, leisure centres, offices, transport, local authorities, clubs, etc. Odourkill can also be used in and around bins, skips, drains, waste refuse areas and toilets.


Odourkill can be supplied in a variety of pleasant fragrances including:



Each of the Odourkill fragrances are very highly concentrated and consequently they remain effective over a wide area and are extremely long lasting.


Also ideal for the control of foul odours in sewage works, slurry pits, industrial drains, cess pits, animal processing by-product units, land fills, toilets, waste bins and communal stairways/properties.

Because Odourkill is a highly concentrated product it can be diluted with water up to 150 : 1 depending on the application. Can be applied by trigger spray, pouring, mopping, brush or via fogging machine. 


As a responsible business we try to always give our customers accurate information and the safety of our customers is always given the highest priority.

We recommend when using this product that the user should use the correct equipment and wear the appropriate protective clothing and we are pleased to advise that the items shown below are suitable for this task. 

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Louis Barlow-Manchester-5 Stars

We use the Sandalwood and Apple fragrance for an office block that we clean. We spray each room before we leave. The staff always comment on how nice it smells.

Susan-Bristol-5 Stars

We have used the Summer Fruits and the smell is wonderful a fantastic product and wonderful service highly recommended

Ad-Bristol-5 Stars

So far we have only tried the mint, cherry and the vanilla. Out of those we have found for internal use in the buildings the vanilla works best. We use the cherry in the bin stores because it’s a stronger long lasting smell

James D--5 Stars

Very high quality product at a very reasonable price. Customer service is also second to none. Will be using again!

Paul Nevard-Cambridgeshire-5 Stars

I have used this for a communal Waste bin area and the fragrance has improved the area tremendously, the product is very strong and therefore by diluting goes a long way, it also lasts a long time and I only have to use a small amount on a weekly basis to keep the area smelling fresh.

Ivan Mcdowell-Lancs.-5 Stars

Fantastic fragrance which I use for my bin cleaning business. I use a dilution of 1/10 and spray inside the bins after cleaning and drying .I would recommend trying the different fragrances available. Using " Sandlewood " at present and it makes the bins smell really good!