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A Superior Concentrated Hard Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser


Lazer has been specially formulated for use in areas where hygiene standards are of paramount importance. A combination of non-ionic surfactants together with a Quaternary Ammonium Compund producing a far superior product with excellent cleaning and sterilising properties.



This formulation gives an enhanced performance on particularly greasy surfaces where the alkaline cleaning agents combine with the bactericide to provide a totally clean germ free environment.



 Used extensively by NHS Trust Hospitals but also throughout many industrial sectors including Daries, Bakeries, Abattoirs, Fast Food Outlets, Food Processors, Schools & Colleges, Canteens, etc.



Method Of Use:

Lazer can be applied by spray, brushing or wiped onto the surface to be cleaned. The product can be used from neat concentration up to a 20 : 1 dilution rate with water, producing excellent cleaning results at full dilution. Lazer is non perfumed thus making it perfect as a non-tainting cleaning fluid for use on all work surfaces in areas of food contact. 



Useful as a multi purpose cleaning and degreasing product for walls, floors, worktops, painted surfaces, food containers, trays, catering equipment and all hard surfaces requiring not only visibly clean but also hygienically clean surfaces. Easily and efficiently removes food protein residues. Safe on metal surfaces, glass most plastics and rubber.




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LAZER (Superior Hard Surface Cleaner)

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