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**Grease Trap & Drain Degreaser**


Safe, Non-Toxic Grease and Fat Remover. Contains a natural citrus fragrance for masking objectionable smells and odours. Super strong - Effective at dilutions up to 1000 : 1




Grease Buster is a highly concentrated liquid product containing a blend of totally safe natural degreasing solvents. Ideal for use in kitchen areas and for the regular treatment of Drains and Grease Traps. The product is also ideal as a highly effective general degreaser for all greases, fats, oils, etc. Grease Buster is extremely highly concentrated and can be diluted with water for an unlimited range of applications. As a general purpose cleaner/degreaser a suggested dilution rate in a hand spayer would be 100 : 1 Effective at dilutions even up to 1000 : 1 Grease Buster is a proven product designed for the 21st Century and is in contant demand throughout NHS Hospital Trusts nationwide.



Pour or handspray Grease Buster directly onto the surface being treated, leave the product to soak or agitate depending on the severity of the grease to be dissolved, add a drop more after the initial dose and always pour a little down the drain to dissolve any surplus grease which may have left the trap untreated.



If possible each drain that is connected to or runs through the kitchen or workshop area, try to treat once each week as a preventative maintenance programme by adding 50mls approx. of Grease Buster per 25mm of pipe diameter.



For degreasing grease, fat, oil, etc on floors, either use as a spot sprayer method or dilute with a solution of water to suit the degree of soiling. Grease Buster remains highly effective even at high dilution rates and can be used via a hand sprayer to clean most hard surfaces, walls, floors, worktops, tabletops, painted surfaces, etc, leaving a very pleasant and long lasting citrus fragrance. The natural solvents in Grease Buster have also been found to be superb in solving the age old problem of chewing gum removal. A small amount applied to hardened gum will soften any brittle deposits enabling them to be simply scrapped away with a blade or scraper.



The solvents contained in Grease Buster are natural products obtained from a process which involves the extraction of the degreasing oils contained in the peel of citrus fruits thus utilizing the most efficient and natural products available.


This product is currently in use in many NHS Hospital Trusts for maintaining drains and grease traps and is a favoured product throughout industry and commerce for its strength and effectiveness.


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GREASE BUSTER (Grease & Fat Drain Cleaner)

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