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ENZYMAT-D (Enzymatic Cleaner)

Enzymatic Cleaner - Enzymat D - Remove Odours - TM Chemicals
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 Enzymatic Cleaner


Concentrated Enzymatic Cleaner For Carpets & Fabrics

Enzymat-D is one of the most powerful and effective products on the market for dealing with the problems associated with stale odours and smells in carpets, flooring and most fabrics.  Can be used safely on carpets, most fabrics and even hard surfaces such as wooden flooring where it works deep in the veins of the material to completely eradicate odours. A highly effective carpet cleaner with the additional benefit of eliminating most forms of stale smells and odours from foods, pets, smoking and greases in carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces. Ideal for all areas needing that extra cleaning and freshening power of enzymes. Enzymat-D is also effective in removing smells from spilled milk which are notoriously difficult to remove from car boots when bottles have been damaged in transit.
Enzymat-D is perfect for dealing with stale odours held in carpet fibres and fabrics.
If you have a specific problem with pet urine odours and stains we would always recommend using Bio-K20 which is a stronger formulation ideally suited to urine contamination. 
For details about Bio-K20 click HERE


Enzymat-D is a super strength concentrate and should be diluted with water prior to use.

Contains a pleasant mild lemon fragrance which leaves the area smelling fresh and clean.


Simply add the Enzymat-D to an empty trigger spray bottle and top up with warm water.


Dilutes 3 : 1 with water.


Enzyme Cleaner

Enzymat-D is a super strength biological formulation containing a complex blend of enzymes and bacteria designed to attack bacterial waste and remove it by digestive action, converting the waste, the main breeding ground for harmful bacteria, smells, etc., into simple sugars, non-harmful gases and water. The enzymes in Enzymat-D actually digest the contamination within the fibres of your carpet and fabrics and continue to be active until all of the contamination has been completely and effectively removed.


Ecologically and Environmentally friendly
Biodegradable, safe under CHIP/COSHH
User friendly
Non-acidic and non-caustic
No astringent odour Non Staining
Digests the cause of bad odours
Longer lasting and more effective
Harmless to animals and humans
Deep layer penetration


Enzymat-D should be diluted before use. Simply dilute the product at the rate of 1 part concentrate to 3 parts warm water and add to a trigger spray bottle . The enzymes are activated when the water is added and the product can then be used. Prior to application dab the area with absorbent paper to remove any existing excess contamination from the surface to be treated. Enzymat-D can then be simply applied by most of the conventional carpet cleaning methods. The process can be repeated if necessary over 2 - 3 days until all of the odours and contamination have been completely digested but usually only one application should be required. Enzymat-D can be applied through unheated carpet cleaning machines to digest and remove odours built up over a long period of time.  The product is also ideally suited for use on hard surfaces and can be used to remove mild urine odours from hard flooring (for more severe urine odour problems use Bio-K20). The microbial strains in Enzymat-D are all naturally occurring and have been classified as being harmless to humans and animals.

Only make up sufficient product for one application and discard remaining contents after use. Product only remains active for 24 hrs so a fresh solution will be needed for further applications.


Enzymat-D (Super Strength) is a high quality speciality product manufactured to strict specifications and currently supplied to Residential Care Homes, Hospitals, Clinics, Schools, Local Authorities and Businesses throughout the UK as an effective and proven solution to the the problem of removing  odours in carpets and fabrics. We are now for the first time also making this speciality product available to the general public. 


Developed by our chemists working together with leading british universities in this field of biological products.

This product is just one from our range of speciality biological products all of which are very safe and kind to the environment. They are each designed to break down and digest different forms of natural waste, reducing them to simple harmless entities while leaving treated areas clean and odour-free. Within an individual product there are various forms of enzymes; each of them performing different tasks to ensure the most efficient performance. Being a superior alternative to standard chemicals, our biological cleaning agents remove the cause of the problem rather than trying to mask it. The need for further treatment is thus reduced, saving time and money in the process.


Visit our blog for information on our enzyme products:




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Darren Vaughan-Birmingham -5 Stars

Fantastic product

We have found this product to be fantastic in combating cat urine smell. It truly is the best product out there on the market and we always keep a bottle in the cupboard. Its quick and easy to use and really does work. We have been using this now for sometime and i know we will now be long loyal customers of this brand and company.

Thank you Tm chemicals, your work in making this product is much appreciated.

Adam Walsh-Cambridge-5 Stars

Amazing product. My little boy spilled milk on our sofa and although i cleaned it straight away, it began to smell badly. I bought Enzymat-d and was amazed that it has worked. it took a couple of doses but the smell went completely and left no stain. very impressed.

Gail Simmons-Norfolk-5 Stars

This carpet cleaner is AMAZING. We used this in a rented Rug Doctor carpet machine and it worked brilliantly. We have a 1 dog and 2 cats in the house so we just wanted to get rid of any pet smells in the carpets as well as giving them a good clean. I couldn't of asked for better results.

Owen Warren-Northern Ireland-5 Stars

I dont normally leave reviews for things, but firstly, this stuff is an AMAZING cleaner, and is an absolute godsend if you have puppies and older dogs running around your house. Accidents will happen, especially with the pups and this stuff sorts it right out.

Secondly, the customer service is second to none, an absolute delight to deal with.

Heather Collins-Cumbria-5 Stars

A fantastic carpet cleaner that has brought dirt from out of my carpet that I didn't even know was there. Its only when you clean something properly that you realise how bad it was. Really pleased with the results and will continue to use this to keep it clean in the future. Thank you.

Michelle Lewis-Hereford-5 Stars

I don't normally write comments but I was really impressed with both the service and the product that I felt like I needed to leave a review. I received the goods within 2 days of ordering which i was really impressed with but having used the product I have to say its the best carpet cleaner I have come across so far. Its a pleasant/fresh fragrance and certainly worth every penny. Thank you for such a flawless service.

Jill-Scottish Borders-5 Stars

I have hairy office type carpet in kitchen due to uneven floor. Lasts forever but with 4 dogs gets heavy wear,occasional accidents & needs frequent cleaning. With new carpet shampoo machine (Dirt Devil-great) I have washed 3 x in a month. Got this delivery & shocked how much more FILTH came out! By far best cleaner I have used-ever! Not much residual perfume,economical in use. Really delighted!

Jill-Scottish Borders-5 Stars

I have hairy office type carpet in kitchen due to uneven floor. Lasts forever but with 4 dogs gets heavy wear,occasional accidents & needs frequent cleaning. With new carpet shampoo machine (Dirt Devil-great) I have washed 3 x in a month. Got this delivery & shocked how much more FILTH came out! By far best cleaner I have used-ever! Not much residual perfume,economical in use. Really delighted!

Alan Parsons-Norwich-5 Stars

A very good product used several times and works well.

Worth every penny! Alan

Barbara Pitts-Devon-5 Stars

Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service. I used the enzyme product last night and this morning there was no urine smell. Thank you so much. I will certainly recommend you. Again thank you.