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DRAIN-X (Drain Unblocker)

Drain Unblocker - Drain Cleaner - Drain-X - TM Chemicals
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Drain Unblocker
The Best Heavy Duty Drain Cleaner

Drain-X is a strong complex blend of alkalis designed to remove blockages in waste drainage pipework. It is very effective in clearing blockages caused by a build up of fats, grease, body waste, uric acid and vegetable matter. Drain-X is a very strong caustic based drain cleaner and is effective in clearing blockages where other milder alternatives have failed. Used for unblocking drains in kitchens, bathrooms, sinks, toilets and outdoors. Drain-X is heavier than water and thus will sink to the bottom of the drain to reach the area of blockage. Use as an effective toilet unblocker or for the sink drain or shower drain. The best solution to a blocked sink drain or any drainage pipe either located indoors or outside. Tough on blockages but safe on most plastics and drainage materials. Proven to be the best drain unblocker liquid.

What Are The Main Causes Of Drain Blockages

Most drain blockages are caused by fats, oils and food leftovers from cooking which congeals and sets hard in the drain. In bathrooms and shower areas they can often be caused by a combination of tangled hair and body fats which bind together in the waste pipes creating a ball of solid mass which prevents the free flow of the drain and eventually produces a complete blockage. This type of problem is usually difficult to resolve with standard drain cleaning products because they tend to be formulated on milder blends of degreasing agents and detergents which unfortunately have little effect on these more stubborn blockages. Drain-X is a heavy duty drain cleaner and unblocker containing Potassium Hydroxide which dissolves the greases and food fats which are the cause of most blockages. Kitchens, Shower areas, Bathrooms and Toilets are normally in constant daily use and it is understandable that in these circumstances the occasional blockage will occur causing a great deal of frustration and inconvenience. Unfortunately when a drain does become blocked it requires immediate attention to avoid the inevitable outcome of flooding, bad smells and the undesirable situation involving waste backflow. The modern answer to blocked drains is using Drain-X which then eliminates the need for expensive plumbing tools, drain rods and the added cost of plumbers and call out charges.
Before calling a plumber try Drain-X the best heavy duty drain cleaner and safe yourself time and money.
Regular use will maintain the drains and help to prevent further blockages.




Drain-X is used by hospitals, hotels, sports centres, schools, colleges, the food industry and general commerce and industry. Designed as a cost effective alternative to drain rodding.



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fiona piper-essex-5 Stars


DRAIN-X does exactly what it promises: I bought it for a blocked kitchen drain pipe when every other product had failed and I was about to call out a plumber. used half a bottle (1/2 litre as they suggest) left in over night and in the morning the drains were clear. will be buying regularly now for maintenance. would 100% recommend this product, the customer service is excellent, great communication and product arrived quickly and well packaged. will have a look at your other products too. great to be able to support a small independent UK company from my favorite part of the world! and just a shout out to the team for the clean lines of your logo and simple packaging which I really liked! thanks a million - such a relief to be able to use the kitchen sink again!

Barry Swales-Lancaster-5 Stars

Great stuff. Unblocked our kitchen drain that was blocked with fat and grease. Tried using it in the shower and it did an equally good job on the waste trap blocked with tangled hair.