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For use with "Drain-Zyme" kitchen enzyme grease trap and drain degreaser.




It is no longer acceptable to pour harsh caustic chemicals or acids down the drain to clear fat build up or blockages. Our "Drain Plus" provides accurate automatic dosing of environmentally friendly enzyme based chemicals (Drain-Zyme) that will naturally prevent the build up of fat, providing they are applied regularly at the appropriate time of day.




Drainage outlets in areas where food preparation is taking place should have a means of preventing fat build up which can lead to blockages and odour problems. The Drain Plus biological drain dosing system can be installed directly into the drain outlet, grease traps, pumping stations or urinals.




How does it work:

Drain Plus will dispense a pre-determined volume of enzyme chemical (Drain-Zyme) into the drainage system at pre set times. The timing is critical as detergents and bleaches can destroy the enzymes if they are flowing through the drainage system at the same time. The enzyme product (Drain-Zyme) is able to remove fat and grease deposits because it contains millions of naturally occurring micro-organisms, which degrade fats and grease leaving the drainage system flowing and odour free.




Flexible: The compact Drain Plus houses a state-of-the-art microprocessor that recognises the input voltage and is capable of setting up to 48 daily dosing operations. User-friendly features include separate menus for settings and programming and a digital display that counts down dosing time to provide visual verification.
High-precision digital dosing ensures consistent, reliable performance and zero chemical wastage, while a robust design and mains connection means maintenance only needs to be performed annually.





Blocked Drains

Bad Smells

Slow Running Sinks

Grease Trap Pumping




Free Flowing Drains

Elimination of Bad Odours

Increased Hygiene

Reduced BOD & COD Levels

Reduced Grease Trap Maintenance

Safe for Humans & Environment

Reduced Drain Maintenance Costs




Easy to install:

The Drain Plus is mains operated and will require a mains electrical supply. To ensure maximum results it is recommended that the Drain Plus outlet is connected to the waste pipe after the last discharge point (usually a sink) just ahead of any grease trap. If there is no grease trap the unit should be connected to the waste pipe after the P trap. 


If you have any questions please feel free to email me and I will do my best to answer any queries you may have!


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