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Detector Torch (For Urine Stains)

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PeeDar 2.00 Superior Urine Detector System

Instantly illuminate hidden pet and human urine stains in carpets and flooring with this superior urine detector torch.

It is very often the case that although there is an obvious urine odour problem in the carpet or flooring, it isn't always quite so easy to pinpoint the area of contamination. You may think that you know where the smell is coming from only to find after treatment that the urine smells are actually emanating from a completely different area of the carpet. Regardless whether the urine odour problem originates from pet or human urine, the PeeDar 2.00 will illuminate those invisible, dry urine stains pinpointing the exact area of the problem.

Shining your powerful PeeDar 2.00 on dried urine causes crystals in the urine to briefly absorb some of this powerful UV energy. The crystals then give off this energy as they cool down in the form of visible light, which we call fluorescence. Saving you from cleaning the whole carpet, which is both time consuming and expensive. The PeeDar 2.00 enables you to target just the problem areas and clean them at your convenience.



The PeeDar 2.00 Outperforms Other Brands

Significantly more UV output / fluorescence due to an increased number of UV LEDs which are also using the latest square chip technology.

No overpowering purple light obscuring stain fluorescence. PeeDar 2.00s 380 - 385nm wavelength is optimised for fluorescing urine and outputs far less visible purple light than inferior 390 - 400nm torches. Stains glow much brighter in their true colours.

"Make your home a pee free zone - Get your PeeDar 2.00 today"

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