Descalers & Rust Removers

Here at TM Chemicals we manufacture a wide selection of acid descalers and rust removers based mainly on Phosphoric Acid and Hydrochloric Acid. Phosphoric Acid is recognised as being excellent for limescale removal in dishwashers, washing machines and bathroom fittings and is ideal for most types of catering equipment cleaning and descaling tasks. Phosphoric acid is also the acid of choice for rust removal applications and can be used safely on most types of metals. Scale-X is our phosphoric acid based rust remover and it is one of the strongest yet safest formulations. We supply Scale-X to many customers who use it for vehicle renovation projects, de-rusting tools and marine applications such as removing rust from ship fittings, hulls, etc. For catering equipment and bathroom fitting descaling De-Scale and TM11 are the preferred choice using once again a strong blend of phosphoric acids making these two products both safe and extremely effective descaling products. Hydrochloric acid is the preferred choice for heavy duty brick cleaning, cement removal, efflorescence removal, toilet descaling, etc. Cemex contains hydrochloric acid and will quickly remove mortar stains from facing brickwork. Cemex is also ideal for cleaning cement mixing equipment as it will remove heavy cement and mortar deposits but is still safe to use on painted surfaces.
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