Cleaners & Degreasers

Our range of cleaners and degreases covers everything needed for high quality speciality cleaning and maintenance across all industries.

We manufacture highly effective descalers and rust removers using both phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid depending on the type of application.

All our descalers have been specifically formulated as heavy duty concentrates capable of producing spectacular results while maintaining the highest levels of safety for the users. There are limescale removers used in catering and rust removers used by a multitude of trades. We have brick cleaning acids and extremely effective patio and driveway cleaners capable of deep cleaning areas to give that “as new” appearance. These products together with our algaecides are frequently used by driveway and patio cleaning companies throughout the UK who frequently tell us that these are the best and most effective products available. We also manufacture safe gravestone and headstone cleaners which are again used extensively by specialist contractors in the gravestone cleaning industry.

You will find several products primarily used by the marine and vehicle sectors including bilge cleaners, deck cleaners and heavy duty degreasers where we use the latest technology to produce the most effective formulations. Finally our floor care range offers the best in high solids polishes and floor maintainers to preserve the appearance of all types of flooring whether in hotels, offices vehicles or public spaces.



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