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CITROL (Natural Citrus Oil Degreaser / Cleaner)

CITROL (Natural Citrus Oil Degreaser / Cleaner)
Product Code : KG4025
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 Citrol is a safe but very powerful solvent cleaner and degreaser designed for the effective and speedy removal of grease, oil, dirt, and grime from a wide variety of hard surfaces. 


A very powerful super fast acting blend of natural citrus oil degreasing solvents capable of breaking down ingrained deposits including oils, greases, tar, bitumen, nicotine and glue. Citrol is an industrial strength product and can be diluted with water up to 50 : 1 and will remain extremely effective even at high dilutions.


Will also soften hardened chewing gum deposits making them easier to remove from hard surfaces which have previously proved to be a particularly difficult task.


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Lynne Andrews-Newcastle-5 Stars

Wow this product was amazing at removing dirt and mould from our white PVC windows. I didn't realise how dirty they were until this brought them up like new. A lovely orange smell as well which seemed to linger in the room for days. A fantastic product, thank you.

Martyn Moore-Hinckley-5 Stars

I use this product to clean my car windscreen on the outside and it really does a fantastic job.

Andy-York-5 Stars

Absolutely fantastic product, as they say it does exactly what it says on the tin or in this case "plastic bottle ". Also fantastic rapid and helpful service from Taylor Mclure. Well done !

Iain B-Stockport Cheshire-5 Stars

This is an excellent product - if you have a heavily-grease infested item and soak it in a (fairly weak) solution of citrol and leave it for a few hours the grease dissolves totally and just floats to the surface. You just rinse whatever it is in hot water and hey presto! It is brilliant for doing metal-mesh type oven-hood filters - with ordinary detergent type cleaners you just end up with a load of irremovable white slimy gunk. Also great as a spray in a stronger solution. Smells nice too. 5L lasts me for a couple of years. Nice firm to do business with too. Highly recommended.