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Just a quick introduction about who we are and what we do. We are a family business based in Selby North Yorkshire and we manufacture and sell a range of speciality cleaning and maintenance products under our brand name “Taylor Mclure” for use in the workplace and in the home. Our products are high quality and we sell everything online via our website supplying the whole of the UK. We also offer free delivery and most orders are sent on a next day courier service. 

So what type of products do we sell? Well we don't sell general cleaning or janitorial type products, they can be bought from most cleaning supplies stores. Our products are made for specific cleaning tasks where standard cleaning chemicals are simply not powerful enough or efficient enough for the job. For example we make concentrated enzyme cleaners designed to remove urine odours from carpets and fabrics. These are highly effective and are suitable for dealing with pet urine and human urine problems. We also make a range of high strength acid descalers used for removing limescale from washers, kitchen equipment and bathroom fittings. One of our top selling acid products is called Scale-X and this is a phosphoric acid based rust and scale remover. Another area of our expertise is in our patio and driveway cleaners which include superb products for removing moss, algae and lichen from all hard surfaces.

In future we will be adding lots more information covering our full range of products and giving tips and help on specific cleaning tasks so please bookmark us and visit our website for more detailed product information.

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