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BIO-K20 (Pet Urine Cleaner)

Pet Urine Odour Remover Bio-K20 - TM Chemicals
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(Pet Urine Cleaner)


Bio-K20® is an extremely powerful enzymatic cleaner formulated to totally remove all traces of pet urine odours and stains. It can be used on almost all surfaces including carpets, rugs, fabrics, clothing, pet carriers, bedding, wooden flooring and in fact anywhere that’s affected by dog, cat or other animal urine contamination. Bio-K20® has built a reputation within the animal and pet care industry as the most effective solution to all cat and dog urine odour and stain problems. If you have a cat or dog or in fact any other animal as a pet then you must have Bio-K20® as one of the essentials in the cupboard.

Bio-K20® consists of a complex blend of enzymatic bacteria in a concentrated liquid which is completely safe to use. When applied it will digest all forms of urine odours, stains, faeces, excrement, vomit and other organic matter and because it doesn’t contain any hazardous ingredients it is completely safe to use around pets and children, so there is no need to take special precautions when treating any areas in and around the home. Bio K20® has been proven to be especially useful in combating the problems associated with territory marking from puppies & kittens where conventional cleaning products are simply ineffective. The enzymes actually remove all traces of the urine odours which are the primary reason why puppies and kittens are constantly attracted back to the same spot each time to pee. Remove the source of the problem rather than just masking it and you eliminate the problem.

We are a UK business and we manufacture Bio-K20® to the highest standards and we believe that it is the strongest and most effective cat and dog urine cleaner that you can buy. This is probably why so many professionals prefer to use this product in their business.

If your problem is not pet related but with human urine odours and stains then you need our BIO-DIGEST (Human urine odour remover)

Puppy Pee On Carpet​​​

What Can Bio-K20 Be Used For?

Eliminating dog and cat urine odours from carpets and fabrics.
Removing body odours from pet bedding & pet sleeping areas
Removing pet urine stains from carpets and fabrics
Cleaning pet smells and stains from patios, paving and decking areas
Eliminating pet odours on furnishings
Cleaning vomit, faeces and excrement stains


Did you know that almost 50% of the UK population owns a pet?

There are 11.1 million pet cats and 9 million pet dogs. There are even an estimated 1 million pet rabbits. We are definitely a nation of animal lovers but with all of those adorable pets there’s inevitably going to be the occasional accident along the way, particularly in the early years when training puppies and kittens. The constant peeing on the floor before you manage to scramble to the paper roll in order to catch it before it reaches the carpet. It then starts all over again when they get into their later years and the occasional incontinence problems suddenly appear bringing back the same smelly urine patches on the flooring. It isn't only puppies and kittens though, pets of all ages have the odd accident, we know because we are a family of dog owners (cocker spaniels and king charles spaniels). This is why if you have a pet then you must have a bottle of Bio-K20® handy so that you can deal with any urine odours and stains quickly and efficiently. It works for dogs and cats and most other animals, we even supply an animal refuge where they rescue foxes, now that’s a real urine odour problem!

How Do I Use Bio-K20?

If you are dealing with only small patches of urine on flooring or carpets then you should initially try to remove any excess by using absorbent kitchen paper or toilet paper. Simply dab the affected area with the paper and remove as much of the excess liquid as possible. Bio-K20® is supplied as a high strength concentrate so it should be diluted with warm water prior to use. This is the simple task of just adding some of the concentrate to a trigger spray bottle and topping up with warm water. The dilution rate largely depends on the degree of the problem but you should ideally work up to a maximum of 10 : 1 which is 1 part product to 10 parts warm water. Use the recommended dilution rate only as a guide, it does not have to be exact so if you need it stronger to match the circumstances then just increase the strength up to perhaps 5 : 1. This is the advantage of using a concentrate as you can easily adjust the strength to suit the circumstances. Spray the diluted product liberally directly onto the urine patch and then allow it to dry out naturally. You will find that as the product dries out the bad smells and odours will gradually reduce until they have completely disappeared. Customers very often think that opening windows or heating the room to speed up the drying process would be helpful when in fact the opposite is true. Actually prolonging the drying process is beneficial because it allows sufficient time for the enzymes to work their magic. A little tip is to cover small patches with a damp tea towel or even a piece of cling film after applying the product. This prevents the patch from drying out too quickly while at the same time creates the most favourable environment for the enzyme activity. The damp, moist, humid conditions are ideal for the enzymes to be most effective. You may find that when using Bio-K20® the odours actually intensify when the product is first applied but this is completely normal and it simply means that the enzymes are working and doing their job. Just continue to allow the area to dry out naturally and the bad smells will gradually reduce until they have completely disappeared.

The microbial strains in Bio-K20® are all naturally occurring and have been classified as being harmless to humans and animals.

To pinpoint the urine stains in your carpets and flooring use our: 

PeeDar 2.00 Urine stain detector torch


How Should I Deal With Severe Urine Odour Problems?

Ideally you should initially assess the scale of the problem because every situation in every environment is different. As an example, if you have a new puppy or kitten in the early stages of training then it is quite a simple task to quickly apply the product to the small patch where your pet has had the accident and the product will immediately start to digest the odours and stains. At the other extreme we regularly have customers who contact us with major urine odour problems where perhaps the previous home occupants have kept several cats or dogs in the house who have then been allowed to roam freely and to pee indoors. We have literally had customers who have told us that the urine odours were overpowering when they entered the property. Obviously, this is not the most common scenario but it is definitely not unusual.

Once you have decided on the degree of the contamination you can then get to work on resolving the problem. Working on the earlier example of kittens and puppies it would be reasonable to work on the maximum dilution levels whereas assuming the second example of highly contaminated areas with extreme urine odours it would be more appropriate to work on a stronger solution of perhaps around 5 : 1. Only use lukewarm or tepid water, it isn’t advisable to use hot or boiling water as this would be detrimental to the enzymes in the product.

If you are not sure about the exact source of the odours and the only indication is the urine smell in the room then it would be advisable to treat the whole room rather than just guessing where the urine problem stems from. It is much easier in this way to be sure that you are not missing the area of contamination.

I’ve Tried Other Enzyme Products & They Didn’t Work

What’s Different About Bio-K20?

We use two different enzymes in Bio-K20® they are called Amylase and Protease. These two enzymes are chosen specifically for their superior ability to digest waste matter and remove smells and stains from a variety of surfaces. As you can imagine the active ingredients in the product are the enzymes and because they are extremely effective they are also the most expensive component in the product. Many manufacturers reduce the levels of enzymes in their products to an absolute minimum in order to obtain the highest profit margins, but unfortunately this approach usually results in inferior products which most often don’t achieve the promised results. To put it bluntly, they don’t work. However here at TM Chemicals we decided that to have the very best product you must have the very best formulation using the very best ingredients and this is why we obtain the most outstanding results from Bio-K20® (take a look at our feedback from so many satisfied customers)
® works - Just look at our feedback...

Can Bio-K20 Be Used On Artificial Grass?

We have a specially formulated version of Bio-K20® made specifically for use outdoors on artificial grass surfaces. It is called Bio-K20 (AG) and it has the same enzyme strains and is equally strong and effective but it also contains a slightly different blend of surfactant making it that little bit more suited to use on artificial grass and lawns.
If you have any type of artificial grass and your pets are causing unpleasant smells then take a look at our Bio K20 (AG) 

Ecologically and Environmentally Friendly
Biodegradable, Natural & Safe 
Easy To Use
Non-Acidic & Non-Caustic
No astringent odour - Non staining
Removes the source of pet urine odours
Longer lasting and more effective 
Harmless to animals and humans
Deep layer penetration

Do Any Of The DIY Tips Shown Online Work?

Bio-K20  v  Home Remedies

There are so many different suggestions online about making your own DIY remedies for removing foul pet urine odours and stains from carpets, flooring and lots of other objects such as furniture. We have seen tips using all kinds of ingredients including vinegar, bicarbonate of soda (there are very few home remedies for anything that don’t include bicarbonate of soda) hydrogen peroxide, lemon grass, disinfectants and even chlorine based solutions.

The first point to make about these home remedies is that they are most often merely suggestions that have been copied by writers from other home DIY sites. They are quite often American based and many of the recommendations are untested and at the very least unlikely to work, some can actually be quite damaging. Don’t forget that the writers don’t necessarily have any relevant expertise or in depth knowledge of the subject that they writing about, so our advice is to always tread with caution when trying out any quick DIY fixes and consider firstly whether you think the advice is reliable, as it could possibly cost you dearly in damaged furnishings.

As an example we have seen sites suggesting that you can make up a concoction using vinegar to remove urine smells from carpets and fabrics. Vinegar as we all know is a dilute form of acetic acid, so if we suggested that you should apply acid to your carpet, the vast majority of people would be horrified. Apart from the obvious problem of having your living room smelling like the local chippy, it would be unthinkable to propose cleaning a carpet or any other fabrics with an acid. Similarly, with some of the other remedies they could either cause damage to the surface or there is simply no basis for their effectiveness.

We have also come across lots of suggestions to use very strong deodorisers. These types of products don’t in fact cure the problem, they are designed only to mask the odours and smells. In other words they are adding a stronger perfume than the pet urine smell in order to mask or disguise the bad odour, but unfortunately it doesn’t last and within a very short period of time the smells are back with a vengeance. To resolve the underlying problem of bad urine smells you need to remove the source of the problem which is the bacteria and uric acid in the pet urine. Using traditional cleaning methods have little effect on urine odours partly because of the uric acid which binds to the fibres, so it requires the correct specific types of enzymes to completely eliminate the problem at source.
Using Bio-K20
® doesn’t just mask the smells it completely eliminates them.

Dealing With Pet Pee Smells From Pets At Home

Bio-K20® (Super Strength) is a high quality speciality product manufactured to strict specifications and currently supplied to vets surgeries, kennels, catteries, police and prison service dog handlers and pet grooming businesses throughout the UK as an effective and proven solution to the the problem of removing pet urine odours & stains in carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces. We are now for the first time also making this speciality product available to the general public. 


Developed by our chemists working together with leading british universities in this field of biological products. This product is just one from our range of speciality biological products all of which are very safe and kind to the environment. They are each designed to break down and digest different forms of natural waste, reducing them to simple harmless entities while leaving treated areas clean and odour-free. Within an individual product there are various forms of enzymes; each of them performing different tasks to ensure the most efficient performance. Being a superior alternative to standard chemicals, our biological cleaning agents remove the cause of the problem rather than trying to mask it. The need for further treatment is thus reduced, saving time and money in the process. 

This product is one of our "Top Sellers".
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Visit our blog for more information on our enzyme products:

As a responsible business we try to always give our customers accurate information and the safety of our customers is always given the highest priority.

We recommend when applying this product using the correct equipment and we are pleased to advise that the items shown below are suitable for this task. 

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Jackie-UK-5 Stars

Wow Amazing Product !!

This product is truly amazing, I have 3 cats and my bengal boy started spraying all over the house on my hard floors, I had tried so many different products on the market and spent a lot of money but with no success at all and came across bio k20, after reading the amazing reviews I decided to try it and delivery was very fast and wow what a result . I mixed it up after all my failures I was expecting another I soaked my kitchen floor and even my kitchen unit doors where he had sprayed ! I did it last thing before I went to bed and was a bit worried about my doors, but got up in the morning and opened the kitchen door and couldn't believe it after many months of cat urine smell it had gone , my floor had dried and my unit doors were nice and fresh no streaks at all, well I could go on all day but this is an exceptional product and I'd

definitely recommend it, infact I have just ordered a 5 litre size of it to keep in, the price is worth every penny ! So easy to use with the sprayer too !

Raymond Foster -Spain-5 Stars

Magic wand

Wow this stuff is like waving a magic wand, my cat had a urinary infection and peed on two sheepskin rugs, I tried every Google trick and nothing could shift the pungent smell, in desperation I tried bio k20, if that didn't work the rugs were going in the bin, within two applications and a few days there wasn't a trace, pure magic, worth every penny.

Kat Ord-Bedford-5 Stars

Bio-K20 is amazing!!

I had been looking for something to get rid of cat wee out of carpet and furnishings as we had a poorly cat who was weeing everywhere and nothing was removing the smell good enough so she kept going back to the same spots. I had tried so many other products and was getting nowhere. I then came across this and decided to give it a go, it has been a life saver!! We have finally got rid of the horrendous ammonia smell, it works on everything so I will always have this in the cupboard for any accidents as it saves a fortune on having to replace items that before would have had to of gone in the bin! Excellent product and so glad I found it!

Customer service has been excellent too as I had several queries on using the product and both times I called to ask questions they were so friendly and helpful.

Audra Holland-Milton Keynes -5 Stars

Does what it says!!

Hi I spent money on all different types of dog urine removers from, Argos, pets at home, vac, rug doctor all don’t work. This however is amazing. I had urine that had been saturating in my carpets without me knowing as I have dark carpet but I could smell it. As soon as I got this I used a sponge with just a little bit of water to lift my carpet follicles and then used 3 quarters of the solotuon with a splash of water (don’t dilute to much if areas are bad) and put the solution down each area I done. I opened my window as I was bit chilly out so would work better. I came home after leaving it all day OMG! The smell has disappeared completely!! I literally thought it wasn’t going to work but it did!! Do not bother wasting your money trying new things. Defo worth the money! And works 100 percent!

Sonia Stanton-Verwood-5 Stars


This product is amazing I've tried many treatments to remove urine stains from my carpet and this product has removed all traces and I received my order the next day great service would highly recommend this to anyone worth every penny

Emily Fryer-Penrith-4 Stars

I have just purchased BIO-K20 as i have just adopted a puppy and she keeps having little accidents on the carpet. I first treated the whole carpet which worked brilliantly and now i just keep the bottle handy and spray whenever Mollie wee's on the carpet. This is a must have for all owners of young dogs.

Diane Slater-Kent-5 Stars

Superb....worth every penny! If your looking for something that works, it's definitely worth buying the concentrate and paying the extra. I tried so many ready to use sprays that just didn't seem to have any effect. Great product and service.

Nancy Lewis-Liverpool-5 Stars

Best dog odour remover i've come across. Its strong and sorted the problem quickly.

Laura Little-Cambridge-5 Stars

The best product I have used by far. I only have 1 dog who has the odd accident, but I always make sure I have a bottle in to avoid any embarrassing odours.

Kieran Gately-Dublin-4 Stars

The product is perfect for my territorial cats. I needed something that was safe to use around my cats and as natural as possible. Really happy that I found this. Thanks