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BIO-K20 (AG) Artificial Grass

(Artificial Grass Cleaner)


Bio-K20 (AG) is one of the most powerful and effective products on the market for the complete eradication of dog, cat and other pet urine odours on artificial grass, astro turf and other artificial turf surfaces.

This product can also be used on most other external surfaces, so it is ideal for patios, decking areas, driveways and most other areas which your pet uses as their toilet.

Dog Pee Posts have become quite popular in recent times in an effort to encourage pets to urinate in a particular area of the garden. Bio-K20 (AG) is the perfect solution to use in these particularly troublesome patches as the most effective answer to the dog urine odours.  


As more and more of us are taking advantage of outdoor living and making use of the benefits of artificial grass and turf, there is an increasing demand for high quality and effective enzyme products for dealing with pet urine odours on these types of surfaces.

If on the other hand your pet urine odour problem is indoors on carpets, fabrics and flooring then you need our standard Bio-K20. Click and take a look at our Bio-K20 pet urine odour remover, it's ideal for using on indoor surfaces

Bio-K20 (AG) removes the smell of pet urine from
artificial grass, turf and wooden decking surfaces.

Bio-K20 (AG) is the scientific answer to the problems associated with all pet wee smells and stains. Designed specifically to be used outdoors on artificial grass and turf surfaces, wooden decking and other outdoor hard surfaces.

Highly effective in dealing with dog, cat and most other forms of animal urine and faeces contamination.

BIO-K20 (AG) is a super strength concentrate and should be diluted with water prior to use.



Bio-K20 (AG) is a super strength biological formulation containing a complex blend of enzymes and bacteria designed to attack bacterial waste and urine and remove it by digestive action, converting the waste, the main breeding ground for harmful bacteria, smells, etc; into simple sugars, non-harmful gases and water. The enzymes in Bio-K20 (AG) digest the urine, uric acid and stains within the fibres of your artificial grass and the veins in wood and continue to be active until all of the contamination has been completely and effectively removed.


Ecologically and Environmentally friendly
Biodegradable, safe under CHIP/COSHH
User friendly
Non-acidic and non-caustic
No astringent odour & non staining
Digests the cause of bad odours
Strongest formulation and most effective
Harmless to animals and humans
Deep layer penetration



How To Apply
if the area to be treated contains pet faeces, remove these prior to treatment. Bio-K20 (AG) should then be diluted before use. Dilution rates depend on the degree of contamination, usually between 1 : 5 and 1 : 10. Mix 1 part product with between 5 and 10 parts warm water and apply liberally by watering can or sprayer to the whole area. It is important to apply the solution to the entire area (not just to patches) to ensure that the enzymes come into direct contact with all areas of contamination. If pets have been visiting the area regularly over a lengthy period, we would recommend using a stronger dilution as an initial treatment. Coverage will very much depend on the degree of contamination but generally 1 litre of concentrate should treat around 20 – 40 sq.mtrs. Allow sufficient time for the whole area to dry out naturally and for the enzymes to become fully active, which can be around 48 hours from the time of application. This initial process can be repeated if necessary until all of the odours and stains have been completely digested. Always allow at least 3 – 4 days between applications.

Avoid using disinfectants and bleaches on surfaces treated with Bio-K20 (AG). Never mix with other chemicals or fragrances.

If pets are to continue to use the area then obviously further applications will be necessary but we would suggest that the dilution rate can then be increased up to 1 part product to 8 – 10 parts water. Ideally a regular plan or schedule of treatment should be maintained to ensure that urine odours are kept under control.

The product is also ideally suited for use on hard surfaces and can be used to remove stains and pet urine odours from wooden decking, concrete, paving and other external hard flooring.

Bio-K20 (AG) can be used throughout the year but if possible try to choose a dry period when applying. Heavy rain will obviously dilute the product further and reduce its effectiveness.


The microbial strains in Bio-K20 (AG) are all naturally occurring and have been classified as being harmless to humans and animals.
Bio-K20 (AG) is a high quality speciality product manufactured to strict specifications and currently supplied to vets surgeries, kennels, catteries, police and prison service dog handlers and pet grooming businesses throughout the UK as an effective and proven solution to the the problem of removing pet urine odours & stains. We are now for the first time also making this speciality product available to the general public.


Developed by our chemists working together with leading British universities in this field of biological products. This product is just one from our range of speciality biological products all of which are very safe and kind to the environment. They are each designed to break down and digest different forms of natural waste, reducing them to simple harmless entities while leaving treated areas clean and odour-free. Within an individual product there are various forms of enzymes; each of them performing different tasks to ensure the most efficient performance. Being a superior alternative to standard chemicals, our biological cleaning agents remove the cause of the problem rather than trying to mask it. The need for further treatment is thus reduced, saving time and money in the process.

As a responsible business we try to always give our customers accurate information and the safety of our customers is always given the highest priority.

We recommend when using this product that the user should wear the appropriate protective clothing and we are pleased to advise that the items shown below are suitable for this task. 


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Bio-K20 (AG) - Artificial Grass Cleaner

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