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(Human Urine Odour Remover)


(Super Strength Concentrate)

Bio-Digest is one of the most powerful and effective products available for the complete eradication of human urine smells and stains. It can be used on carpets, fabrics and furnishings, hard flooring including wood and vinyl, bedding, mattresses and most other non-food contact surfaces. It is also extremely effective in removing odours and stains caused by vomit, faeces and other organic matter. There is no product stronger or more effective than Bio-Digest.

We manufacture Bio-Digest here in the UK and we supply it to numerous very satisfied and happy customers in homes, hotels, schools, colleges, hospitals, residential and nursing homes, hotels, pubs, guest houses, doctor’s surgeries and children’s nurseries.
Bio-Digest really is an essential product if you are looking after children or the elderly.

We also manufacture an enzyme product for removing pet urine odours. It works on carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces so if your urine odour problem is from dog or cat or in fact any pet urine then you need our Bio-K20 pet urine odour cleaner.

Clicking on the following link will take you directly to our Bio-K20 pet urine odour information page.

Urine Smells & Bio Digest Enzyme Cleaner

Urine smells and odours occur for a wide variety of reasons such as from urinary incontinence in elderly people or from children having accidents or when potty training. It can result in bad urine smells in carpets, fabrics furniture or even bedding and mattresses. It is also very common to discover unpleasant pee smells lingering around toilet bowls and on bathroom floors. The problem with urine smells and odours is that they are virtually impossible to remove with conventional cleaners and the only truly successful way is by using highly specific enzymes which can literally digest all of the odours. Cleaning with strong smelling cleaners and air fresheners never really work because they are simply masking the smell rather than effectively removing it.

Incontinence is a very common condition that can occur at any time throughout life and at any age. It is estimated that around six million people experience urinary incontinence at some point in their lives. It is true that we tend to associate incontinence and bladder control mainly with the elderly or very young children, but these conditions can and do arise in all ages. Whether the cause is simply a weak or overactive bladder, frequent urination or a specific urinary medical condition such as stress incontinence or urge incontinence the symptoms can be problematic. Fortunately this is where Bio-Digest provides the ideal solution.

Handy to keep Bio-Digest Close When Potty Training

Bio-Digest is also the ideal mattress cleaner for bedwetting

Bio-Digest the simple solution when dealing with Incontinence


To pinpoint the urine stains in your carpets and flooring use our: 

PeeDar 2.00 Urine stain detector torch


Bio-Digest is a super strength concentrate and should be diluted with water prior to use.




Ecologically and Environmentally friendly

Biodegradeable, safe under CHIP/COSHH

User friendly

Non-acidic and non-caustic

No astringent odour & Non Staining

Digests the cause of bad odours

Longer lasting and more effective

Harmless to animals and humans

Deep layer penetration




Bio-Digest should be diluted before use. Simply add about 1/2 inch of concentrate to the trigger spray bottle and top up to the rim with warm water. The enzymes are activated when the water is added and the product can then be used. Bio-Digest is a liquid product containing natural micro organisms. Prior to application remove any existing excess waste from the surface to be treated. The product can then be simply applied by hand spray or by dabbing onto the affected area to moisten the surface, then allowing sufficient time for Bio-Digest to dry out naturally. The process can be repeated if necessary over 2 - 3 days until all of the odours and stains have been completely digested but usually only one application should be required. Bio-Digest can also be applied through conventional carpet cleaning machines to digest and remove stains and odours built up over a long period of time. This formulation is also ideal for eliminating difficult to remove odours such as spilled milk which has been notoriously difficult to remove from car boots and carpets with conventional cleaners. The microbial strains in Bio-Digest are all naturally occuring and have been classified as being harmless to humans and animals.




Bio-Digest has been developed for use on all non-food surfaces. This is a blend of enzymes designed to attack bacterial waste and to remove it by digestive action, converting the waste, the main breeding ground for harmful bacteria, smells, etc., into simple sugars, non-harmful gases and water. Where conventional cleaners clean only the surface Bio-Digest goes into the pores and crevasses to ensure everything is completely removed.




Bio-Digest is ideal in nursing homes, schools, offices and any areas where smells occur. Can be used with carpet machines to remove and digest the smells that have built up over time. For the removal of all types of natural waste on all non-food surface areas. Walls, floors and ceilings especially where airborne fats and greases have settled and act as a magnet and host for other waste. Employed in all areas particularly where a cracked or corroded surface is likely to harbour the ‘humus’ on which other and harmful enzymes and bacteria thrive.




Bio-Digest is a high quality product manufactured to strict specifications and supplied to NHS Hospital Trusts, Nursing Homes & Hotel Chains throughout the UK as an effective and proven solution to the the problem of Odours & Stains in carpets and fabrics. We are now also making this speciality product available to the general public.




Developed by our chemists working together with leading british universities in this field of biological products. This product is just one from our range of speciality biological products all of which are very safe and kind to the environment. They are each designed to break down and digest different forms of natural waste, reducing them to simple harmless entities while leaving treated areas clean and odour-free. Within an individual product there are various forms of enzymes; each of them performing different tasks to ensure the most efficient performance. Being a superior alternative to standard chemicals, our biological cleaning agents remove the cause of the problem rather than trying to mask it. The need for further treatment is thus reduced, saving time and money in the process.


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