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BILGE CLEAN (Citrus Bilge Cleaner)

Citrus Bilge Cleaner - Environmentally Safe Product
Product Code : SM7005
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**Powerful Safe Bilge Cleaner**


Bilge Clean is a safe but very powerful solvent cleaner and degreaser based on natural citrus oil extracts. Bilge Clean is formulated specifically for the effective and speedy removal of greases, oils, & fuels from boat bilges.



A very powerful and highly concentrated super fast acting blend of natural citrus oil degreasing solvents which are extremely effective at breaking down and emulsifying greases, dirt, scum and fuel oils, thus eliminating the risk of a build up of hazardous fuel vapours.


Bilge Clean is highly concentrated and can be diluted with water to the required concentration while still maintaining its degreasing and cleaning properties, making this product extremely economical to use.

Using Bilge Clean will also help to reduce the growth of bacteria and remove the associated foul odours.

Leaves boat bilges clean and safe with a very pleasant clean citrus fragrance.







A super concentrated non-flammable cleaner & degreaser formulated specifically for cleaning and degreasing boat bilges.



(For professional / commercial / industrial use).

Bilge Clean is an industrial strength product and although safe to use, as with most strong chemicals Bilge Clean requires caution when using, handling and storing.




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Christine Dawson-Scotland-5 Stars

Bilge Clean - a great find and our preferred way of keeping the boat bilges clean, grease free and smelling sweet without damage. It is eco-friendly and can be used with confidence. Ordering and delivery is easy, efficient and reliable - great service. Highly recommended if have an old boat or if you buy a second-hand boat or if you want to look after your new boat!

Thank you Taylor Mclure!

John Bilton-Devon-5 Stars

Ordered 3.50pm Thursday....arrived 11.20 Friday. What more can I say?

Very pleased with the item and the service. Would highly recommend.