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8.5 Litre Chemical Resistant Sprayer

The SA10 sprayer is a professional quality high grade sprayer designed specifically for use in chemical spraying.
It is fitted with "Viton" seals making it ideally suited for spraying the widest range of chemicals including; weedkillers, mosskillers, acid cleaners, descalers and alkaline detergents. 


The sprayer is made from polypropylene, polyethylene and stainless steel.
The body of the sprayer is reinforced and has level graduations making it easy to measure and dilute liquids. You will also find filling this sprayer is easy due to the 10cm filler funnel. A pressure release valve is a safety feature which prevents over pressurising. The nozzle is adjustable which gives the ability to create a fine spray, a course spray or a jet. The nozzle can also be angled or fixed straight for ease of use. There is a filter in the handle which prevents blockages within the discharge valve.
Another useful feature is a clip on the handle to hold the lance in a fixed position when the sprayer is not being used. The sprayer comes complete with a carrying strap.



Total capacity: 10.75 litres
Working capacity: 8.5 litres
Approximate dimensions: Height 545mm - Diameter 210mm
Colours: Natural, blue and black


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