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TM Chemicals Urine Odour Removers

Posted by taylormclure on 09/11/2017

I thought that it may be useful to talk about our range of enzyme odour removers, mainly because they are one of our most popular product groups but also because it can sometime be confusing deciding which product is best for dealing with a particular problem.


Let’s start with Bio-K20 (pet urine odour remover) and Bio-Digest (human urine odour remover) are they both the same? The answer is that they are very similar in that they both contain the same enzyme strains but the formulations contain slightly different surfactants which are more suited to the different applications. If your problem is pet urine odours whether in carpets or fabrics or hard flooring then we would always advise using Bio-K20. Incidentally “Pets” doesn’t only mean dogs and cats but almost every type of animal including rats, mice, hamsters, birds and so on. We even supply vets, kennels, catteries and a few zoo’s.

Similarly if you are dealing with human incontinence problems with an elderly person or maybe young children having accidents on furniture or carpets or in bedding, then Bio-Digest is the better choice. Yes, both products are suitable for use on mattresses, in fact we supply these to numerous hospitals, hotels and residential homes where they use the product in lots of situations including dealing with urine problems on beds and bedding.


You will see that we often say “our products are the strongest available” and this is to our knowledge perfectly true.

I don’t know of any other manufacturer of urine odour removers who use a higher concentration of enzymes in their products. The reason for this is probably quite obvious but the most expensive ingredients in urine odour removers are the active components (i.e. the enzymes). Most manufacturers understandably try to make their products as cheap as possible so as to make as much profit as possible, hence the reason why they add less and less enzymes. The problem is that some products then become so weak that they simply don’t work. In contrast we do exactly the opposite and we try to make ours as effective as possible. It does mean that you may find our products slightly more expensive than some others but in our opinion it’s false economy to pay less for something only to find that it simply didn’t work. If you take a look at our customer feedback we have so many regular customers who make this very point. Taylor Mclure urine odour removers are now recognised as being the best and most effective available and I must admit that we are really proud of this reputation. Another point to remember is that we only supply the concentrate rather than a ready to use (RTU) version. It seems pointless for us to dilute products and send out a weaker solution only to then charge the customer for the extra cost of delivering water!

Finally on this subject…we are a family business and all of us are pet lovers, Karen & myself have a King Charles Spaniel (Ellie) while our daughter and her husband Nichola & Dan have two Cocker Spaniels (Hollie & Sasha). We know what it’s like training puppies and the occasional accident when they’re older, so Bio-K20 is always handy in our own homes, because it works!


Enzymat-D is another one of our enzyme based cleaning products but is totally different to both Bio-K20 and Bio-Digest.

Enzymat-D is used mainly as a carpet cleaner and freshener when background smells caused by a variety of contaminants have left stale odours which linger in carpets. Typically in areas where there have been pets, smokers, food odours, etc. It is more of a general cleaner for freshening areas of stale smells rather than treating the specific difficult problems of urine odours which require a much higher concentration of enzymes. If your problem is not urine odour related but merely stale smells and odours in the carpets then Enzymat-D is an excellent product for dealing with this. It can also be used through most carpet cleaning machines to cover larger areas.

Hope this has explained a little more about our enzyme products but any other questions or queries just drop me a line and I will do my best to answer them.

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Welcome to our new blog!

Posted by taylormclure on 01/01/2016

Today is New Years Day (01/01/2016) what better time to make a start.

I’m hoping that over the coming months we can start to add tips and advice on how best to use our products and to give specific help to anyone who has a particular cleaning problem. Please feel free to ask questions and we will do our best to help. In the meantime Happy New Year to all of our past and future customers. Back soon! Peter

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